In this Blog there are some 475 books of all types. The majority are novels. Each book contains the number of times or pages where chess "references" are made. Normally, people speak as if a particular book has been catalogued as "chess". The reality in another, it is clear that the majority of people have not read the whole book. The result is that the publicity made of many books, with their corresponding authors, does not reach a minimum leval to be considered books about chess.

Tras el ADN del Ajedrez Circular

Títol: Tras el ADN del Ajedrez Circular
Autor: Abu Faisal Sergio Tapia

Idioma: Castellà
Mides: 20x28
Pàgines: 50
Any edició: 2015
Impressió: PDF
Dipòsit legal:

Temàtica: Divulgació. Història interessant dels Escacs Circulars o també anomenats Escacs Bizantins.